Saturday, January 26, 2008

You’ve been here three hours!

Libby told me that as I was leaving her house just before suppertime. Ah, the forthrightness of a youngster!

Indeed I had been there longer than I intended. But I had so many questions that I needed to ask Libby’s mom, Nita - and I needed to be reassured that I really was doing the right thing by homeschooling Jacob, that I really could do it, that it wasn’t beyond my abilities.

So I packed up all three of my kids, who are close in age to Nita’s kids, and went over for a pep talk and some down-to-earth instructions in organizing a typical day. I needed both.

I had confessed in an e-mail that I was completely overwhelmed by the Apologia book on Biology. Where do I begin? How much do I assign Jacob per day? Calmly, thoughtfully Nita handed me a printout of a schedule that she had gotten off the Internet.

I was stunned: there are actually people that out of the goodness of their hearts and from their own experience make this available?! Wow. Thanks, Donna.

Nita knows where to get information. And I have a lot to learn.

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