Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Homeschool, day 2

I’m still easing into this homeschooling, as is Jacob. We are not up and running with his full load of subjects, but I did add a Spanish assignment today, based on his sister’s assignment in school since they had been in Spanish I class together up until now. Alexandra is still in that class, so maybe I can have Jacob try and keep up with her somehow.

I also e-mailed Jacob’s Biology teacher at the high school, and she was kind enough to send me a list of topics that they had covered until now as well as topics that she plans to cover in the second half of the year. Now I can go through the Biology textbook and decide what to teach during the rest of the year.

Jacob started Geometry class today at the homeschooling center! Nita car pools with another woman; they have taken on driving Jacob as well. I am so thankful! Nita invited Jacob for lunch today, and picked him up early so he could spend time with Peter. They played ping-pong, so Jacob wasn’t quite so isolated today as he had been yesterday. He didn’t get all his assignments done on time, however, because the one Geometry class, which would take 40 minutes in school, took up his afternoon. He spent the evening doing schoolwork. I’ll probably have to double up the other subjects on other days and free up the Monday and Wednesday afternoons for Geometry.

I’m still panicked over taking all this over and doing a reasonable job with his education.


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KarenW said...

Welcome to homeschooling! You'll do fine.

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