Monday, February 9, 2009

Creative writing: Another “Winter”

Each child responds differently to a creative writing assignment. Thirteen-year-old Larissa wrote prose; fifteen-year-old Alexandra wrote poetry:

Winter – moonlight glitters on the snow
The house is dark, inside it’s warm
A child sleeping in its bed
Dreaming of riding on a sled.

Wind and snow whoosh in his face
The other sled tries to keep pace.
Next day mom’s to take them skating.
Oh, what fun, he has been waiting!

The dream changes, she’s at church,
Standing under a lone birch,
Watching children laugh and play,
In the snow from yesterday.

A group of friends stands nearby
While she looks on with sad eyes,
Someone comes and joins her there,
The burden of sorrow with her to share.

Someone laying by the fire
Doing homework, though he's tired.
Soon he’ll finish, to bed he’ll go
What will he dream – who’s to know?

Winter – moonlight on the snow,
The house is dark – inside it’s warm.
A child is sleeping in its bed,
Dreaming of – how can it be said?

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