Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby rabbits!

When Alexandra went to feed the rabbits outside in the hutch this morning, she checked out the nesting box that George had made for the gray female. We had mated her with a white buck not quite two weeks ago, but she'd already pulled out a lot of her fur and lined the box with it. When Alexandra reached in, the box was fuzzy and warm. Warm?! Alexandra pulled out a baby bunny! And another. There are three, and all of them are dark; they have no white at all and don't resemble that buck that we borrowed from friends. However, we'd placed her with the brown male, her cousin, when we were moving around all the rabbits a while back. Looks to me that he's the daddy, not the white rabbit. Gestation is supposed to be 31 days, not less than 14!

Welcome to the world, baby bunnies!

Intended daddy with mommy on left; real daddy on right

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