Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Every time my children finish – and pass – another Chemistry test, I breathe a sigh of relief. Today was such a day.

After studying for two whole days and not doing any other subjects, Jacob took the Module 11 test. I held my breath. I prayed. Then as time stretched out, I prayed some more. He even took a break from the test, walking around the house, finding a list of the dozen most populated cities in the US (“I know it’s kind of random, but I just wanted to know.”), even copying the list on a piece of paper. Last night Alexandra had baked a batch of cookies in the middle of taking her test to take a break. It was not an easy test.

Finally, Jacob handed in the test.

I had already corrected Alexandra’s test, so I knew some of the answers. I skimmed the page. As usual, Alexandra had written out entire answers for each question, but Jacob simply circled the correct answer within the question. For example:

If a solute’s solubility in a liquid solvent decreases when the temperature increases, is the solute most likely a solid, liquid, or gas?

Alexandra wrote out, “It is most likely a gas.” She underlined gas to help me find the answer. Jacob simply circled gas, the last word in the question.

Both got the same grades again, but missed different questions. Each got 94%.

Whew. On to the next module…

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