Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Object writing assignment

I was a bit disappointed that both girls wrote essays about notes that they found in their room. I wanted them to find an object – a souvenir from their travels, a craft they made in second grade – not to copy me and write about a note and the friend who wrote the note. However, Jacob didn’t disappoint me, at least not in choice of subject. He chose an original object that I wouldn’t have thought of. The one thing he didn’t do is introduce the object, except in his title.

Piano / keyboard
When I was still a little kid, Dad always played. He recorded songs on the keyboard, and played all sorts of songs on the piano.

I remember we used to run around and try to dance to Dad’s music. Then he would start playing a song we considered sad and we would stop and ask him to play something fast and happy.

I sometimes listen to the songs recorded on the keyboard and remember my childhood.

These days my dad plays hymns and all of us sing in four-part harmony. When my dad has time these days, which he usually doesn’t, he’ll go downstairs and practice, or learn to play different hymns. Even though I sleep downstairs now, he still comes down and plays.

I know that when he passes away the thing I’ll remember best is his love for music and praising God through it.


Now I just have to get them to write longer essays!

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