Thursday, June 5, 2008

Keeping a Nature Journal

How could I possibly homeschool without the Internet? Fellow homeschoolers across the country and the globe are such a precious resource!

Take nature journaling, for example. I’d never heard of nature journaling, but while searching the Internet for sources about supplementing my homeschooing with literature, as I’d been doing with Jacob’s history course, I stumbled on an article by Catherine Levison. In her article, Catherine mentions a book called Keeping a Nature Journal. Hmm. It sounded interesting, so I looked it up. Then I bought it.

Larissa, my youngest, loves to draw and is interested in pursuing a career that involves drawing and plants. She’s my gardening helper – weeding, mulching, planning new gardens. Nature journaling sounded like something she might like to do for a course next year.

When the book arrived, Larissa immediately spotted it by my bed. “May I look at it?” she asked.

Just a flip through a few pages, and she was hooked.

“Could you buy me a blank book so I can start a nature journal?” Larissa asked.

Forget about coursework and schedule, requirements and electives. She wanted to start this now, not next fall.

What a feeling of satisfaction when you hit on something that appeals to your child that much.

Thank you, fellow homeschoolers, for sharing!

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