Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last night Jacob uninstalled all the software from my computer, including the operating system. Then he reinstalled the XP operating system and the various drivers (print driver, monitor driver, and drivers that I didn’t know existed). Next, he installed the (gulp!) Nortel Connectivity VPN Client and… it worked!!!! Still, I didn’t want to jump up and down and celebrate, not yet, not with all the other snags we’ve hit in trying to establish a connection to my company’s servers.

Jacob spent the rest of the evening reloading some, but not all, the software that we’d had on the computer, like Microsoft Office and Photoshop. We still have to load my Kodak EasyShare All-in-One printer software. And the (double gulp) CA Anti-Virus software. But I’ll do that tonight. Actually, Jacob probably will. I’m starting to get nervous doing anything on that computer, afraid that the whole thing will stop functioning.

This morning I stayed home long enough to actually figure out where and what to type in for my user name and password in the connectivity software, and I got partway through setting up the Lotus Notes software, but I was stumped when I had to put in the server address. I’ve jumped so many hurdles – what’s a few more? Someone is bound to know what to enter here. I just have to find the right person to ask. Again.

And I was supposed to write about homeschooling? The computer nonsense has derailed my life!

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